A children’s eye view of the airport

For children, the airport is one of the most fascinating places in the city.  They can find out all about the exciting world of the airport just by taking a walk around the terminal or looking out from the visitor platform. This section will answer many of the questions children may have about how the airport works before or after their visit. To find out more about different parts of the terminal and the airport grounds, hover over them with the mouse. Pop-up windows will appear with lots of information on aspects like checking in, the apron vehicles and the airport buildings. We hope your children will enjoy exploring the airport!

Information on guided tours of the airport

  • Outdoors at the airport

    Outdoors at the airport

  • Check-In


  • Security control

    Security control

  • Departure lounge and gate

    Departure lounge and gate

  • Aircraft handling

    Aircraft handling

  • After landing

    After landing