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Security control and travel tips

Illustration: Security control

Please check your luggage in with your airline in good time and make your way straight to the Federal Police security control. This way you will avoid unnecessary waiting times at the check-in desks and security checkpoints. It also helps avoid delays in boarding, particularly in the early mornings. Please have your boarding card ready.

Before you pass through the metal detection arch, place all your hand baggage and any jackets, coats or other outerwear including thick knitwear or ponchos in the plastic trays provided. Remove any electrical equipment (e.g. laptops and tablets) from your hand baggage before placing it in the tray. Your hand baggage will be X-rayed. This does not affect cameras or films. You may be ask to prove that a device is operational.

Please observe the restrictions on carrying liquids, aerosols and gels in hand baggage. Any such items you are carrying with you must also be placed separately in the tray. The general rule is that you are only permitted to take such items on board in containers no larger than 100 ml, and all such containers must fit into a transparent bag with a capacity of 1 litre.

All passengers are asked to pass through a metal detection arch at the security checkpoint. If an alarm sounds, you will be searched manually by a security assistant. Women are searched by a female assistant and men by a male assistant. If you have any health concerns about passing through the metal detection arch, please speak to the security personnel when you arrive at the security checkpoint. In this case, you will undergo a full manual search.

For a safe, trouble-free flight, please also observe the following Federal Police tips:

  • You are required to carry a cross-border travel document with you when travelling abroad, including within the European Union. Please make sure that your travel documents are still valid. Contact your local passport office for more information. Children must have their own travel documents.
  • Some countries require a passport or even a visa. Before starting your journey, check the entry requirements of the country to which you are travelling. Precise information on entry requirements of other countries can be found on government websites.
  • For safety reasons, certain objects such as firearms, explosives, fireworks and camping gas cylinders may not be taken onto an aircraft, or may be subject to very strict requirements. Cigarette lighters containing liquid fuel are prohibited on board.
  • Never leave your baggage unattended. Never carry anything onto an aircraft for anyone you do not know, either on the outward or the return journey. Carry valuables securely about your person to guard against pickpockets.

Safety regulations for hand baggage [PDF file; 786 KB, German only] 
Travel information from the German Federal Police (German only)
Website des Bundesministerium des Innern (German only)
German Department of Foreign Affairs 
German Federal Aviation Office (list of unsafe airlines banned within the EU, etc.)

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Illustration: Security control