Structure, facts, staff


Flughafen Dresden GmbH is a subsidiary of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG. You can find more information on our management and our shareholders and supervisory board members here.

Structure of Flughafen Dresden GmbH

Illustration: Logo der Flughafen Dresden GmbH

Key data, traffic statistics

How many passengers and aircraft are registered per year? How long and wide is the runway? What are the airport codes? What are Dresden Airport's operating hours, and what are its coordinates? You can find out more about our traffic statistics and technical and geographic key data here.

Key data, traffic statistics

 Illustration: Dresden Airport’s runway is 2850 metres long

The runway is 2850 metres long

Staff statistics

International flair, exciting technology: an airport is one of the most fascinating places to work. Flughafen Dresden GmbH employs several hundred people. Follow the link to find out which areas they work in.

Staff statistics 

Illustration: An air traffic controller at work

An air traffic controller at work

Jobs and Careers Portal

Flughafen Dresden GmbH, Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH and PortGround GmbH are members of Mitteldeutschen Flughafen AG. Find all job offers on our Jobs and Careers Portal.

Jobs and Careers Portal of Mitteldeutschen Airport Holding (German only)

Illustration: Mitarbeiter bei der Flugzeugabfertigung

Aircraft handling team at work


Aiming for good neighbourliness - Flughafen Dresden GmbH puts this motto into practice. We support the many and varied activities of local schools and sports clubs, flying clubs, local community associations and children's charities.

Sponsoring activities

Illustration: Charity concert

Charity concert

History of the airport

World War II, the division of Germany and the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification: these eras in Germany's history have had a marked impact on Dresden Airport since its inception in 1935. Dip into our exciting history section, which you can also download in PDF format.

A brief summary of the history of German aviation

Illustration: The legendary 152

Dresden's legendary aircraft, the 152