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Illustration: Crowds of media at US President Barack Obama’s arrival in Dresden
International media representatives attend the arrival of US President Barack Obama in Dresden

Dresden International Airport is like a small city within the city of Dresden. About 3000 people work here: pilots, baggage handlers, engineers, service staff, firemen, air traffic controllers, an airport chaplain and many more besides. There is always something happening at the airport, so it provides plenty of exciting material for press, TV, radio and internet coverage. Here you will find press texts, photographs, publications and subscription links for newsletters.

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Filming and photography permits

Permits are required for filming and photography on the grounds of Dresden International Airport. Please apply to us for a permit. We will be happy to help you make the necessary arrangements.

Filming and photography permits are issued on condition that passengers and visitors at the airport are not affected by and have no objections to the filming or photography. It is prohibited to photograph security installations. Crews and interior views of aircraft may only be photographed with the agreement of the airline concerned.

An hourly charge is payable for commercial filming and photography. The charges are listed in the schedule of rates and charges of Flughafen Dresden GmbH. A separate charge is made for additional services such as accompanying persons or vehicles. Details on charges are available on request.

Schedule of rates and charges  [PDF file: 590 kB]