Passenger handling, operations

Handling agents at Dresden International Airport

Illustration: Departure lounge

Passengers in the Dresden Airport Terminal departure lounge

Passenger handling and operations at Dresden International Airport are performed by handling agents:

General Aviation, VIP and Executive Handling (tel. +49 (0)351 881-3270)
ASD - Airport Services Dresden GmbH (tel. +49 (0)351 881-4010)

PortGround GmbH  (tel. +49 (0)351 881-3500)

These services are based on the very latest technologies and the airlines' fully automated departure control systems (DCS). These systems guarantee that the standards required by IATA are met at a very high level. The handling agents' service package naturally also includes dealing with baggage claims using the SITA universal World Tracer baggage tracing system.

All personnel are trained and qualified to international aviation standards. They also undergo refresher courses on an ongoing basis. All Operations personnel have passed the mandatory IATA dangerous goods training courses for aviation (category 7 and 10) and are capable of handling all aircraft types. The handling agents have their own private radio frequencies so that handling services can be requested from the air before the aircraft land. Making handling on the ground even smoother and quicker. Passenger handling is fully automated. Load planning and load and trim sheet generation are also computerised.

Monika Schwertfeger

Head of Aviation


+49 (0)351 881-3100


+49 (0)351 881-3105

Illustration: Boarding

Boarding cards being checked at the gate

 Illustration: Self check-in kiosks

Self check-in at modern kiosks

Services at a glance

Passenger handling

  • Check-in: automated, common or per flight check-in, as required by the airlines; interline through check-in; evening-before check-in; self check-in
  • Automated bag tag printing
  • Automated boarding control
  • 100% baggage security check
  • Assistance for unaccompanied children and passengers with restricted mobility
  • VIP service


  • Automated load planning, load and trim sheet generation
  • Provision of briefing documents (PFI, MET, ATC flight plans etc.)
  • ATC flight plan updates as required
  • Lost & Found: lost or damaged baggage claims handled using the SITA World Tracer system

Unaccompanied children
Passengers with restricted mobility
Lost and Found