Ihre Reise ab Dresden

Flugtafel Departure   – 23.10.2018
Flight no. To Departure   Actual Counter Gate Status
LH 2127 München 17:20 17:25 22 - 28 B05 airborne
8Q 4820 Antalya 18:10 18:23 11 - 12 B02 airborne
KL 1810 Amsterdam 18:30 18:38 04 - 05 B06 airborne
LH  219 Frankfurt 18:35 18:48 22 - 28 B10 airborne
EW  029 Köln-Bonn 20:20 22 - 28 B08
EW 2027 Stuttgart 20:25 22 - 28 B11
LX  919 Zuerich 20:30 22 - 28 B04
EW 9023 Düsseldorf 20:30 22 - 28 B03
LH 2129 München 20:30 22 - 28 B05
ST 3002 Paphos 05:30 06 - 10 B02
ST 3244 Monastir 05:30 06 - 10 B09

Book your guaranteed parking space at Dresden Airport quickly and easily!

There is plenty of parking in the covered multi-storey car park and in the outdoor P3 car park near the terminal. Book your space online to save money! 

To park at Dresden Airport, simply turn up and take a ticket at the  barrier to park anywhere in the Classic area of the multi-storey car  park or in outdoor car park P3 (when available).

Quick and easy: to and from the airport by car, taxi/rental car and S-Bahn

Illustration: All the facilities at Dresden International Airport are within easy reach

A Skywalk connects the multi-storey car park (2,900 spaces) and the check-in area. The airport is just 20-30 minutes away from the city centre by taxi. Car rentals are available in the Arrivals area. S-Bahn line 2 stops at the airport’s underground station every 30 minutes. The journey time to the city is 20 minutes.

To and from the airport: full details

Upcoming events at a glance

30 September until 31 October: Airport on Ice
1, 2 and 6 until 21 October: Guided tours of the airport in the fall holidays
3 October: Art, antiques and vintage market
6 until 20 October: Airport tours in Saxony’s autumn school holidays
28 October: Travel Day
31 October: Halloween Experience Tours
12 November: USA – The South-West (speaker: Dirk Schäfer)
21 November: Experience Tours on Buss- und Bettag
23 November: Jazz in the Terminal: Céline Rudolph – “Pearls”
1 until 23 December: Airport-by-Night Tours at Advent
2 /9 /15 /22 December: Advent baking at the Christmas bakery
3 December: Pearls of the Orient – Jordan, Egypt, Morocco (speaker: W. Röller)
24 December: Santa Claus Lands
29. until 30. December: Model Railroad Exhibition
14 January 2019: Sri Lanka – Paradise Found? (speaker: Kay Maeritz)
4 February 2019: Tahiti – Pure South Pacific (speaker: Jörg Ehrlich)
4 March 2019: Cuba – Rhythm, Rum and Revolution (speaker: Paolo Violo)

Events calendar with full details 

Information for passengers regarding the bomb disposal in Dresden on 23 October 2018

Restrictions on air traffic in connection with the planned defusing of an air bomb in Dresden on Tuesday, 23 October 2018, cannot be ruled out.

Press release 19.10.2018

Central German airports conclude 3rd quarter with growth in passenger numbers

487,626 passengers in all passed through Leipzig/Halle and Dresden Air-ports during September. This represents growth of 7.3 percent in com-parison with the same month in the previous year. The number of air-craft movements rose by 9.2 percent to a figure of 9,837 take-offs and landings. The number of passengers passing through the two airports between January and September was 3,283,668 – a rise of 5.4 percent compared to the previous year. Aircraft movements increased by 11.5 percent to 82,651.

Press release 12.10.2018

On your blades, get set, go! Airport on Ice in the Dresden Airport terminal

The popular ice sports event Airport on Ice is starting its third round this Sunday
30 September 2018. Ice skating fans can put their skating skills to the test on a
200-square-metre (synthetic) ice rink.

Press release 25.09.2018

New non-stop flights 2018

Athens, Barcelona, Bastia, Bodrum, Dubai, Lamezia Terme, Malta, Marsa Alam, Monastir, St. Petersburg and Thessaloniki.

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Travel centre in the terminal

Airport on Ice

The popular ice skating event for families, friends, children and your workmates starts on 30 September. Up until 31 October skaters both young and old can enjoy the 200 square metre synthetic ice rink on the conference level. A lot of fun can also be had on the 20 metre Bavarian curling sheet.

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