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“Lilienthal 2017” emergency simulation exercise: rescue services practice emergency response at Dresden Airport

An aircraft accident was simulated at Dresden Airport on Saturday morning. In the “Lilienthal 2017” emergency simulation exercise, around 400 rescue personnel practised working together as a team and acting correctly in an emergency. Regular flight operations carried on as usual. Under International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines, the airport is required to hold emergency exercises at intervals of no more than two years.

Taking part in the exercise were the Operations (traffic control centre, airport fire service, airport security), Environmental Protection, Customer Services and Communications divisions and the ground handling company PortGround GmbH. A large number of organisations from Dresden and the surrounding area were also involved, including the Dresden city fire brigade, local volunteer fire brigades (including Klotzsche-Hellerau, Langebrück, Weixdorf and Wilschdorf), the Federal Police, the German Red Cross, the Malteser and Johanniter medical assistance services, the German Lifesaving Association, the airport chaplaincy and the Dresden Crisis Intervention and Emergency Support Association.

The aim of the “Lilienthal 2017” emergency exercise was to train the emergency services to work together and respond correctly so as to minimise the risk to victims and attending personnel in an emergency. The focus was on rescuing and caring for large numbers of casualties, the procedure for extinguishing fires, support for relatives and water pollution control. In addition, the current alert and deployment plans were reviewed and coordination between the specialist departments and management levels at the airport was put to the test.


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