Noise protection

Illustration: Aircraft landing at Dresden

Although technical developments have brought many improvements, aviation is still associated with noise. It intrudes directly on the living conditions of many people who live near the airport. Flughafen Dresden GmbH has therefore made it a top priority to reduce the noise level in the vicinity of the airport. We have taken a number of voluntary measures to keep local noise levels produced by the airport as low as possible. For example,

  • EUR 2.8 million was made available to fund the implementation of structural noise protection measures in the neighbourhood by the end of 2002
  • Take-off and landing fees are now graduated in line with noise levels. This favours quiet aircraft and motivates airlines to use more modern, lower-noise planes.

A closer look at landing fees reveals that airlines have to pay up to five times as much for aircraft in the loudest category as for aircraft in the quietest category (ICAO Annex 16, Chapter 3, Bonus List). As a result of this policy, the proportion of these quieter planes, which are registered on the Bonus List published by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, has risen to the current level of 98% at Dresden Airport. 

Detailed information on noise monitoring
Detailed information on passive noise protection