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Illustration: Loading baggage

Baggage being loaded onto an aircraft

On the apron at Dresden International Airport, aircraft are handled professionally and promptly by the highly qualified personnel of the Dresden branch of PortGround GmbH. Like Flughafen Dresden GmbH, PortGround is a 100% subsidiary of Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding.

PortGround is able to handle all aircraft types in use worldwide according to international standards and procedures. Besides attractive handling packages tailored precisely to the airlines' needs, PortGround offers customer-specific handling and infrastructure services in accordance with the German Ground Handling Ordinance (BADV). Air cargo handling and professional aircraft de-icing in winter round off the portfolio of services.

PortGround's professionalism and optimised handling logistics enable aircraft to be turned around in a very short space of time. PortGround's personnel are committed to getting you, your luggage and your cargo to your destination punctually and reliably. Dresden Airport also guarantees optimum handling quality with its powerful machinery park.

Quality, experience and availability are the key strengths of PortGround's services. For full details of the company and its portfolio as well as testimonials and press releases, please visit PortGround GmbH's website.

Winter Operations

PortGround GmbH

Matthias Arnoldt

Head, Dresden Office


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Illustration: Aircraft handling

Aircraft handling

Illustration: Aircraft de-icing

De-icing an aircraft just before take-off