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Illustration: Advertising at Dresden International Airport

Big brands and unique products need an environment in which they can attract attention. Dresden International Airport is the gateway to the cultural, scientific and high-tech metropolis of Dresden and the federal state of Saxony.

The airport is also a sought-after location for conferences, trade fairs and celebrations as well as a popular leisure destination. So the modern terminal is not only frequented by passengers but also by meeters and greeters, visitors and people attending events. So your advertising message is guaranteed to attract attention.

The Dresden Airport Terminal is as unique as your products. With its fascinating ambience combining modern and historical industrial architecture, it offers a highly diverse range of advertising options and puts across your advertising message in a unique and effective way.

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Virtual tour of the Dresden Airport Terminal

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Postal address: Flughafen Dresden GmbH, Non Aviation, Flughafenstraße, 01109 Dresden, Germany

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  • Passengers per year: 1.7 Millionen
  • Percentage of business passengers: 35 Prozent
  • Visitors and event attendees per year: 260,000
  • Catchment area: 4 million inhabitants (Saxony, Southern Brandenburg, Northern Bohemia in the Czech Republic and Lower Silesia in Poland)