Airport fire brigade

Statistics (2018)

Illustration: Dresden Airport fire brigade fleet

The vehicle fleet of the Dresden International Airport fire brigade

  • Personnel: 62
  • Vehicles: 11
  • Total call-outs: 4,982, of which 3,886 for the mobility service for the disabled (PRM).
  • Airport tours including a visit to the fire station: 488

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Airport fire brigade

Mario Zischke


+49 (0)351 881-1130


Ensuring safety of air traffic in accordance with ICAO
According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Dresden International Airport is in fire protection category 8. The ICAO therefore imposes the following requirements (Annex 14):

  • Mobile water capacity: 18,200 litres
  • Discharge rate per minute: 7,200 litres, of which 50% from first vehicle
  • Additional extinguishing powder: 450 kg
  • Min. 3 main fire-fighting vehicles
  • Reaction time: max. 3 minutes

Preventative and defensive fire protection

  • Check control matrix every four months
  • Fire protection advice for construction measures
  • Compile and update fire safety regulations
  • Monitor adherence to fire safety provisions
  • Check and update routing cards
  • Compile and check clearance regulations

Emergency medical service

  • Paramedic service, mobility service for the disabled
  • Early defibrillation training and first aid courses
  • Check and replenish first-aid boxes
  • First aid provision at events
  • Rescue from broken down lifts
  • Respond to emergency calls from disabled toilets

Technical assistance

  • Remove hazardous materials and fuel spills
  • Assist at road traffic accidents
  • Release people trapped in lifts
  • Assist with working at heights with universal fire fighting vehicle (ULF)


  • Theoretical and practical training in three-week cycles
  • Two 'hot' exercises and one breathing apparatus monitoring per year
  • One major exercise every two years

Other duties

  • Standby duty during passenger aircraft refuelling
  • Repair, maintain and check breathing apparatus
  • Clean turn-out gear and workwear
  • Accompany guided tours of fire station
  • Repair and maintain all 900 fire extinguishers at airport and on customers' premises
  • Fire-fighting training for airport and third-party employees
  • Issue welding permits
  • Fire protection inspections before events
  • Fire safety instruction
  • Assist with airport winter operations