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Dresden International Airport’s website is one of the leading travel portals in the Saxony area. Our users visit it to obtain the full range of important service information, make bookings, find out information about the company and much more besides. The website is available in German, English, Czech and Polish.

Traffic statistics 2015 - static website

  • Visits: 1,194,805; page views: 5,175,428
  • Average visit length: approx. 4:30 minutes
  • Average page visits per visitor: 4.3
  • Visits from 177 countries (87.9% from Germany)

Traffic statistics 2015 - mobile website

  • Visits: 510,192; page views: 1,626,332
  • Average visit length: approx. 3:25 minutes
  • Average page visits per visitor: 3.2
  • Visits from 140 countries (92.6% from Germany)

You can advertise your company, product or service on the home page and inside pages. For more information on placements and advertising formats, please contact our Marketing and PR department.

Media data for website and mobile site [*.pdf, 1.3 MB, German only]

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