Online services

Mobile website for on the go

Dresden Airport’s website is now also available as a mobile version, because a significant proportion of users access our online offerings on mobile devices.

The top priority in the design was to ensure that the arrivals and departures boards are displayed clearly and that parking spaces can be booked on the go. You’ll also find a wide range of service information, tips for events at the airport and lots more besides.

URL of our mobile website:

Illustration: Mobile website

WLAN Hotspot

Wireless internet is now available free of charge for 30 minutes throughout the terminal. Users can activate the free WLAN service once in any 24 hour period. The network is operated by The Cloud Networks Germany GmbH.

It couldn't be simpler to use. First you select the ‘mycloud’ wireless network and register once for the free WLAN. Then you can log on with your email address and password at any of The Cloud’s hotspots. Following what we call the parking meter principle, your 30 minutes remain active after you have logged on for the first time. When the 30 minutes are up, you can continue to use the WLAN with one of The Cloud’s fee-paying services.

In the airside departure lounge there are several desks located near power sockets where you can charge your devices and work.

Operating instructions of Vodafone partner The Cloud [PDF file: 3.8 MB] 
The Cloud price list [PDF file; 38 KB, German]

Illustration: Wireless surfing in the terminal

Free virtual tour app for iOS

Virtual Tour app

This app provides 360 degree pictures of the Arrivals and Departures levels and the visitor platform at Dresden Airport Terminal, the apron and Dresden Airport underground station.

Virtual tour app at Apple‘s App Store

Illustration: iPhone-App