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Information for terminal visitors

During private events the visitor platform is not open to the public. It may also be closed for setting-up before and dismantling after such events.
You can check whether the visitor platform is open before your visit by phoning the airport information desk on +49 (0)351 881-3360.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

21 March 2015: Dresden Job Fair - the best routes to your new career!

Illustration: Dresden Job Fair
Dresden Job Fair on the visitor platform in the Dresden Airport terminal

Are you a specialist, an engineer, a commuter, a job-seeker, a trainee or a school leaver looking for work or a change of scene? Or are you planning to start up your own business? This 9th job fair aims to help you find a new job or career in and around Dresden. Visitors will find a wealth of interesting tips and information on jobs, careers, training and starting your own business.

  • Visitor platform in the Dresden Airport terminal
  • 10:00 to 16:00
  • Admission free

Details on the Dresden Job Fair website  (German only)

7 - 10 April 2015: Maxi tours in Saxony’s Easter holidays

Illustration: Guided tour at Dresden International Airport
Children get a close-up view of aircraft being handled on the tarmac from the airport bus
  • Dates: daily 9:30 and 11:30
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • All tours must be booked by telephone on +49 (0)351 881-3300 (or -3360 on weekends).
  • Ticket price: children up to age 14: €6, adults: €9
  • Meeting point: Airport information desk in the terminal

What is the furthest destination away from Dresden in our timetable? What does the yellow and black checked flag on the tarmac mean? How long is the runway? Our guides will be happy to answer questions like these and many more on our holiday tours.

After a tour of the terminal building and a security check, you will be taken out onto the tarmac in the apron bus to watch aircraft being processed on the ground. You will be able to take pictures and videos of planes taking off and landing, traffic conditions permitting. You will also stop off at the airport fire station to explore and admire our fire-fighting vehicles, like the Panther 8x8.

Illustration: Guided tour with visit to the airport fire station at Dresden Airport terminal

Fireman Sam to the rescue: the highlight of the tours is a visit to the fire station.

Illustration: Guided tour of the Dresden Airport terminal

Guided tour round the modern Dresden Airport terminal

15 May 2015: Blues, Boogie & Swing (45th International Dixieland Festival)

Illustration: Dixieland at the Dresden Airport Terminal
The Dresden Airport Terminal is one of the Dixieland Festival’s most attractive venues.

Jazz not jet lag! This year sees yet another evening of jazz-packed delights cleared for take-off at Dresden International Airport. The terminal – formerly an aircraft construction hangar – provides a very special backdrop for this musical extravaganza. There will be toe-tapping, singing and dancing galore on two levels: the visitor platform and the conference level.

  • Friday 15 May
  • 18:00: Warm-up on the Departures level with the Gyulaer Big Band (H)
  • from 18:45 alternating
    on the Conference level: Die Jazzpolizei (D), Big Easy Brassband (NL), BrassAppeal (D), Jam Session
    and on the visitor platform: Frank Muschalle Trio (D), Thomas Stelzer & friends (D)
  • Compère: Ulf Drechsel
  • Admission: €31.50 (free seating)

Full details – advance ticket sales, programme, artists [in German]

Exhibition “eisenartig!”

Illustration: My Marilyn – collage by Roland Zubrod
My Marilyn – collage by Roland Zubrod
  • Exhibition by artist Roland Zubrod: iron sculptures, wall works, collages
  • Abstract “reduced” iron sculptures with titles like “Engel” (Angel), “Ziel” (Destination), “Selbstehrung” (Honouring the Self) or “Segment”
  • Collages: modified images of women or well-known works (e.g. “Meine Mona” (My Mona), “Meine Marilyn” (My Marilyn), “Gläubige” (Believer), “Maschinenfrau” (Machine Woman)
  • Wall works: abstract modifications using objects or toys
  • Venue: Dresden Airport terminal, Departures level, public area
  • Admission free, open 24/7
Illustration: Angel – iron sculpture by Roland Zubrod

Angel – iron sculpture by Roland Zubrod

Illustration: Honouring the Self – iron sculpture by Roland Zubrod

Honouring the Self – iron sculpture by Roland Zubrod

Exhibition “Uncover The Truth In It”

Copyright: Christoph Graefe
Copyright: Christoph Graefe
  • Exhibition by Dresden glass and metal artist Christoph Graefe
  • Pop-art style pictures in metal, pencil and paint
  • Location: Conference centre in Dresden Airport terminal (level 02)
  • Free admission
  • Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 09:00-17:00 (except public holidays)

Christoph Graefe’s website (in German)

Copyright: Christoph Graefe

Copyright: Christoph Graefe

Arche Moritzburg – Biological Diversity Exhibition

Illustration: Students Nadine and Sebastian at an exhibition preview. Copyright: Flughafen Dresden GmbH, Michael Weimer
Students Nadine and Sebastian at an exhibition preview. Copyright: Flughafen Dresden GmbH, Michael Weimer

This exhibition looks at the diversity of life in different habitats and examines biological and environmental contexts. It is organised by the Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden, an institute forming part of the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung Frankfurt and a member of the Leibniz Association.

  • Opening hours: 06:00 to 23:00 daily
  • Location: public area of the terminal
  • Free admission

Flyer on the special exhibition (in German)

More dates for the diary 2015

21 March 2015: Dresden Job Fair

9 August 2015: Grand Travel Day in the Dresden Airport terminal

19/20 September 2015: Dresden Airport turns 80 – Grand Airport Festival

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