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During private events the visitor platform is not open to the public. It may also be closed for setting-up before and dismantling after such events.
You can check whether the visitor platform is open before your visit by phoning the airport information desk on +49 (0)351 881-3360.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

19/20 September 2015: 80 years of Dresden Airport - Grand Airport Festival

Illustration: Großes Flughafenfest in Dresden am 19. und 20. September 2015

We’ll be celebrating this special birthday with you at a two-day airport festival. To mark our big anniversary there will be sightseeing flights over Dresden and surroundings, guided tours, a technology show, various information stands, fun and games for children and a vibrant stage programme with a show and music. Everything you need to know about the big birthday party can be found on our Airport Festival page: 
Information currently only in German

13 July - 21 August 2015: Guided tours in Saxony’s summer school holidays

Illustration: Guided tour at Dresden International Airport
Children get a close-up view of aircraft being handled on the tarmac from the airport bus

What is the furthest destination away from Dresden in our flight timetable? What does the yellow and black chequered flag on the tarmac mean? How long is the runway? Our guides will be happy to answer questions like these and many more on our Mini, Maxi and Summer Evening Tours in Saxony’s school summer holidays.

After a tour of the terminal building and a security check, you’ll be taken out onto the tarmac in the apron bus to watch aircraft being processed on the ground. You’ll be able to take pictures and videos of planes taking off and landing, traffic conditions permitting.

On the Maxi Tour (which can also be booked as a Summer Evening Tour), you’ll also stop off at the airport fire station to explore and admire our fire-fighting vehicles, including the Panther. On the Summer Evening Tour you’ll also get to enjoy a beautiful, romantic sunset.

Mini Tour (60 minutes)

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 11:00
  • Price: €4 for children up to age 14, €6 for adults

Maxi Tour (90 minutes)

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 12:30
  • Price: €6 for children up to age 14, €9 for adults

Summer Evening Tour (90 minutes)

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 19:30
  • Price including drink: €7 for children up to age 14, €10 for adults


  • Booking is essential: call +49 (0)351 881 3300, or +49 (0)351 881 3360 at weekends
Illustration: Sunset at Dresden Airport

Sunset at Dresden Airport

Illustration: Guided tour with visit to the airport fire station at Dresden Airport terminal

Fireman Sam to the rescue: the highlight of the tours is a visit to the fire station.

Illustration: Guided tour in the Dresden Airport terminal

Guided tour of the modern Dresden Airport terminal

Until 31 August 2015: UNICEF exhibition: Emergency Relief for Children

Illustration: UNICEF exhibition in the Dresden Airport terminal
Copyright: UNICEF, Pirozzi

The UNICEF Dresden working group shows exactly what UNICEF emergency relief consists of and how it is provided. In tense situations, every minute counts. So UNICEF emergency relief experts always work quickly and conscientiously. UNICEF emergency aid is needed anywhere in the world where children are suffering the effects of war or are fleeing their homes, where there is hunger or where natural disasters put their very survival at risk.

According to UNICEF estimates, around 62 million children in 71 countries across the globe are in urgent need of life-saving humanitarian assistance. Today one in ten of the world’s children lives in a conflict region. UNICEF has many decades of experience in emergency relief and has people on the ground in almost every country in the world – with nearly 600 employees in Syria and neighbouring countries alone. In a crisis, this enables emergency relief measures to get under way, additional relief supplies to be brought into the country and local partners to be activated immediately. Once the greatest need has been alleviated, UNICEF helps families improve their situation in the long term. Among other things, UNICEF relief aid gets children vaccinated against dangerous diseases, supplies them with clean water and food and sets up emergency schools, psychosocial support and child-friendly zones. Child-friendly zones are places exclusively for children, where they can play, meet friends, relax, get psychosocial help and simply leave all the stress behind for a while.

In 2015 UNICEF needs around €2.7 billion to supply children in crisis regions like Syria, Nigeria, Nepal and Ukraine, as well as countries affected by Ebola and natural disasters, with the essentials they need. This is the largest emergency appeal in the history of this children’s charity.

  • Location: Dresden Airport terminal, Departures level, public area
  • Admission free, open 24/7

Arche Moritzburg – Biological Diversity Exhibition

Illustration: Students Nadine and Sebastian at an exhibition preview. Copyright: Flughafen Dresden GmbH, Michael Weimer
Students Nadine and Sebastian at an exhibition preview. Copyright: Flughafen Dresden GmbH, Michael Weimer

This exhibition looks at the diversity of life in different habitats and examines biological and environmental contexts. It is organised by the Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden, an institute forming part of the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung Frankfurt and a member of the Leibniz Association.

  • Opening hours: 06:00 to 23:00 daily
  • Location: public area of the terminal
  • Free admission

Flyer on the special exhibition (in German)

More dates for the diary 2015

9 August 2015: Grand Travel Day in the Dresden Airport terminal

3 October 2015: Flea market at the terminal, organised by Sächsische Zeitung and the airport

29 November 2015: Christmas model railway exhibition in the Dresden Airport terminal

Dates for the diary 2016

5.6.16: Children’s adventure day

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