Events Calendar 2017

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Kinder bei einer Führung am Flugahfen Dresden

Information for terminal visitors: during private events the visitor platform is not open to the public. It may also be closed for setting-up before and dismantling after such events.
You can check whether the visitor platform is open before your visit by phoning the airport information desk on +49 351 881-3360.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Airport information desk


+49 (0)351 881-3360



25 June to 4 August: Guided tours in Saxony’s summer school holidays

Do aircraft always take off towards Hellerau? What does the yellow and black chequered vehicle on the tarmac do? What is the furthest place you can fly to from Dresden? Dresden Airport’s tour guides will be delighted to answer questions just like these during Saxony’s summer school holidays.

Illustration: Flugzeugabfertigung hautnah erleben bei Führungen am Flughafen Dresden

We’re offering a range of exciting guided tours in the summer holidays:

Mini Tour

After a tour of the terminal and a security check, you’ll go airside where you’ll find out all about the history and future of Dresden Airport, how planes are processed and how all the different services work together. You are welcome to take photographs.

  • Every Tuesday and Friday over the 6 weeks of the summer holidays
  • Start time: 10:00
  • Max. 30 persons
  • Price per child without holiday pass: €5
  • Price per child with holiday pass: €4 (don’t forget to bring your holiday pass!)
  • Price per adult: €7
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Booking is essential: phone +49 (0)351 881-3300 or 881-3360 or email
  • Meeting point/finishing point: airport information desk in the terminal

Maxi Tour

On our popular 90-minute Maxi Tour you’ll start off in the terminal with a short talk on the history of the airport and follow the passenger route from check-in to the security control. Then you’ll ride out onto the airport apron in a bus and you’ll discover how all the various services work together. The tour finishes with a visit to the fire station with its futuristic firefighting technology – a treat for all participants.

  • Every Tuesday and Friday over the 6 weeks of the summer holidays
  • Start time: 14:00
  • Max. 30 persons
  • Price per child: €7
  • Price per adult: €10
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Booking is essential: phone +49 (0)351 881-3300 or 881-3360 or email
  • Meeting point/finishing point: airport information desk in the terminal

Summer Evening Tour

On this special 90-minute tour, which only takes place in the summer months, you’ll get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at Dresden International Airport. After a security check, you’ll find out all there is to know about our airport – past and present. An apron bus will take you right up close to the aircraft and you’ll see our impressive aircraft technology fleet at first hand. You’ll hear all about our modern fire service and the tour finishes with a demonstration of the Panther fire engine – a treat for all participants.

  • Every Sunday from 25 June to 20 August 2017.
  • Start time: 18:30
  • Max. 30 persons
  • Price per child: €8
  • Price per adult: €12
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Booking is essential: phone +49 (0)351 881-3300 or 881-3360 or email
  • Meeting point/finishing point: airport information desk in the terminal

5 August, 14:00-18:00: Zuckertüte Festival

The highlight of this brand-new event at the airport will be a discovery tour and a family afternoon with games, painting and crafts. Admission is free for primary school starters, who will be given a small surprise gift.

Illustration: Zuckertütenfest am Flughafen Dresden

The Zuckertüte Festival will kick off at 13:30 with a juice/sparkling wine reception. This will be followed by the family afternoon with a hearty snack buffet, hot chocolate for the children and coffee for adults. Participants will have an uninterrupted view of the airport apron and runway. The 60-minute airport tour leaves at 16:30, taking in a tour of the terminal, a security check and a bus ride onto the apron to watch aircraft being dispatched. The event ends at 18:00.
Admission for non-school-starters: € 29.90 per child aged 6-14, € 39.90 per adult. Children under 5 are admitted free. Drinks from the buffet and parking in the multi-storey car park are included in the admission price. All other drinks must be paid for separately.
Book early to avoid disappointment: children’s events at Dresden Airport are generally extremely popular!

Booking and advice

  • Telephone: +49 351 881 3050 or 3360
  • Email:

29-30 December: Model Railway Exhibition

It’s full steam ahead at the third model railway exhibition to be held at the terminal. Clubs and individuals will be presenting their layouts.

Illustration: model railway exhibition at the Dresden Airport Terminal


  • 29 December 2017: 14:00-20:00
  • 30 December 2017: 10:00-17:00
  • Layouts ranging from N to IIm gauge
  • Analogue layouts, fully digital layouts, FALLER car system
  • Layouts from different eras, regional motifs, free themes
  • Airport tours
  • Refreshments, kiosks and information stands
  • Children’s railway and table football

Exhibition: “Chemnitzer Macher” (19 June to 18 August)

Having been on display at locations across Chemnitz including the Schönherr factory, the city baths and most recently at the Chemnitz Technology Center, this exhibition crosses the Chemnitz city limits for the very first time.

Illustration: Chemnitzer Macher - Ausstellung im Flughafen Dresden Terminal

The stories of Chemnitz residents are on display in the Dresden Airport departure lounge. Artists, young entrepreneurs, sportsmen, clubs, creatives and craftsmen present themselves, their ideas and their projects for Chemnitz. To help the pre-flight waiting time pass more quickly, passengers can read about more than 100 people from Chemnitz, their love of the city and the passions they bring to their professional or voluntary work.
The exhibition has been in existence since 2014 as part of the city marketing campaign “Die Stadt bin ich”, and is constantly on the move to reach as wide an audience as possible. (German only)

Science Exhibition by DRESDEN-concept e.V. (runs till 31 August)

The Science Exhibition opens up the science taking place at Dresden on the subjects of Biomedicine and Bioengineering, IT and Microelectronics, Materials and Structures, and Culture and Social Change to a wide audience.

Science Exhibition by DRESDEN-concept e.V. (runs till 31 August)

DRESDEN-concept (DDc) is a research alliance consisting of TU Dresden and strong partners in the scientific sector such as Max Planck Institutes, Fraunhofer, the Leibniz Association and the Helmholtz Association, along with a large number of cultural partners. All 24 partners are united in their aim to promote excellent research and raise its profile among the public.

In concrete terms, this means opening up and exploiting synergies in research, education, infrastructure, administration and knowledge transfer. To achieve this, the partners are coordinating their scientific strategies and are identifying the areas of research in which Dresden leads the world. The partners are working together to bring the world’s leading scientists to Dresden and secure their involvement in the science hub here.

Twelve topical research themes are on display on the four large exhibition panels. Videos, fun elements for all age groups and texts in German and English provide information on the research results achieved by DDc’s partners – round the clock, in any weather and free of charge. There are also texts written specially for children which explain complex research subjects to young children in a playful way. Visitors can get first-hand experience of science in a series of interactive exhibits, such as a sensor for carbon concrete and a camera visualisation of the development of 5G internet.

The exhibition is located outside the main entrance to the terminal.

Exhibition: STASIS and MOVEMENT, the peace before the flight

Thomas Reichstein presents his figurative, life-size sculptures embodying “inner peace” at various points throughout the Dresden Airport terminal. A particularly interesting example is the life-size “Das Liegende Paar” (The Reclining Couple). Other works include abstract mythical creatures that also appeal to children.

Das liegende Paar - Kunstwerk von Thomas Reichstein im Flughafen Dresden Terminal.
Sculpture “Das liegende Paar” by Thomas Reichstein. (Picture: private)

The Dresden-based artist explains his intention thus: “The airport is a place where the journey pauses, is put on hold. You set off full of vigour at home, get to the airport, check in and drop off your baggage. And then, once you have completed all the formalities, you experience a unique phase of relaxation. You can stroll around, meditate or enter into a dialogue with artworks.”

Regular events at the airport

Guided Tours
Playport Dresden: Fun and games for kids
Airport Chaplaincy: Prayers, Holy Mass, services, volunteers’ evenings
Fotoclub Reflex e.V. Dresden-Weixdorf: Permanent exhibition on the visitor platform