Ihre Reise ab Dresden

Flugtafel Departure   – 28.02.2017
Flight no. To Departure   Actual Counter Gate Status
ST 8536 Hurghada 09:05 09:23 06 - 10 B02 airborne
LH 2123 München 09:30 09:47 22 - 28 B05 airborne
AB 6805 Düsseldorf 10:35 10:42 04 - 05 B03 airborne
LH  211 Frankfurt 11:00 22 - 28 B06
XQ  297 Antalya 11:45 06 - 10 B02
LH 2125 München 13:10 22 - 28 B05
ST 1602 Funchal 13:30 06 - 10 B09
KL 1810 Amsterdam 14:05 29 - 30 B05
SU 2345 Moskau-Sheremetyevo 14:25 01 - 02 B02
LH  215 Frankfurt 14:30 22 - 28 B06
AB 6809 Düsseldorf 15:00 04 - 05 B03

Book your guaranteed parking space at Dresden Airport quickly and easily!

There is plenty of parking in the covered multi-storey car park and in the outdoor P3 car park near the terminal. Book your space online to save money!  






Quick and easy: to and from the airport by car, taxi/rental car and S-Bahn

Illustration: All the facilities at Dresden International Airport are within easy reach

A Skywalk connects the multi-storey car park (2,900 spaces) and the check-in area. The airport is just 20-30 minutes away from the city centre by taxi. Car rentals are available in the Arrivals area. S-Bahn line 2 stops at the airport’s underground station every 30 minutes. The journey time to the city is 20 minutes.

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Upcoming events at a glance

13/03/17: Wanderlust – travel talk on Australia

14 April and 16-20 April 2017: Airport tours at Easter

21/04/17: Experience tours on Public Transport Discovery Day

07/05/17: Family Day at Dresden Airport

19/05/17: Blues, Boogie & Swing (47th International Dixieland Festival)

04/06/17 and 05/06/17: Fun Days for Kids

from 26 June 2017: Airport tours in Saxony’s summer school holidays

05/08/17: Zuckertüte Festival

Current exhibition:
Sculptures by Thomas Reichstein

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Leipzig/Halle and Dresden Airports start 2017 with positive developments in traffic

The two commercial airports operated by Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG, Leipzig/Halle and Dresden International, recorded positive develop-ments in the first month of the year. 210,895 passengers in all passed through the two airports, an increase of 5.5 percent over the figure for the same period in the previous year.

Press release 03.02.2017

Traffic developments at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden Airports in 2016

3,860,025 passengers in all passed through the two commercial airports operated by Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG, Leipzig/Halle Airport and Dresden International, in 2016. The number of passengers therefore fell by 4.7 percent compared with the previous year’s figure; this was largely due to the geopolitical developments, particularly in Turkey and North Africa, and the cancellation of flights due to strikes. Without these effects, the figures at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden would have increased by about 5 or approx. 3.7 percent respectively.

Press release 20.01.2017

Events at Dresden Airport in 1st quarter 2017

Upcoming events at a glance

Press release 04.01.2017

New non-stop flights from Dresden

From spring/summer 2017, Germania will be flying non-stop from Dresden to Faro (Portugal), Dalaman (Turkey) and Reykjavik/Keflavik (Iceland).

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NEW: Co-working in the terminal

Our Conference Centre is home to a flexible co-working office with up to six workspaces!

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