Ihre Reise ab Dresden

Flugtafel Departure   – 24.01.2017
Flight no. To Departure   Actual Counter Gate Status
ST 1602 Funchal 13:30 14:02 06 - 10 B02 airborne
SU 2345 Moskau-Sheremetyevo 14:25 14:36 01 - 02 B08 airborne
LH  215 Frankfurt 14:30 14:55 22 - 28 B06 airborne
AB 6809 Düsseldorf 15:00 15:43 04 - 05 B03 airborne
4U  023 Köln-Bonn 16:15 16:15 22 - 28 B04
LH 2127 München 16:45 17:15 22 - 28 B06
EW 4127 Hamburg 17:20 17:20 22 - 28 B03
4U 9021 Düsseldorf 17:25 17:25 22 - 28 B09
4U 2027 Stuttgart 17:40 17:40 22 - 28 B08
LH  219 Frankfurt 18:45 18:45 22 - 28 B06
AB 6813 Düsseldorf 18:45 18:45 04 - 05 B03

Book your guaranteed parking space at Dresden Airport quickly and easily!

There is plenty of parking in the covered multi-storey car park and in the outdoor P3 car park near the terminal. Book your space online to save money!  






Quick and easy: to and from the airport by car, taxi/rental car and S-Bahn

Illustration: All the facilities at Dresden International Airport are within easy reach

A Skywalk connects the multi-storey car park (2,900 spaces) and the check-in area. The airport is just 20-30 minutes away from the city centre by taxi. Car rentals are available in the Arrivals area. S-Bahn line 2 stops at the airport’s underground station every 30 minutes. The journey time to the city is 20 minutes.

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Upcoming events at a glance

06/02/17: Wanderlust – travel talk on Botswana

12/02/17: Kick-off for the winter holidays

13-26/02/17: Elephant, snow cutter-blower and more – school holiday tours at the airport

13/03/17: Wanderlust – travel talk on Australia

14 April and 16-20 April 2017: Airport tours at Easter

21/04/17: Experience tours on Public Transport Discovery Day

07/05/17: Family Day at Dresden Airport

19/05/17: Blues, Boogie & Swing (47th International Dixieland Festival)

04/06/17 and 05/06/17: Fun Days for Kids

from 26 June 2017: Airport tours in Saxony’s summer school holidays

05/08/17: Zuckertüte Festival

Current exhibition:
Sculptures by Thomas Reichstein

Events calendar with full details

Traffic developments at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden Airports in 2016

3,860,025 passengers in all passed through the two commercial airports operated by Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG, Leipzig/Halle Airport and Dresden International, in 2016. The number of passengers therefore fell by 4.7 percent compared with the previous year’s figure; this was largely due to the geopolitical developments, particularly in Turkey and North Africa, and the cancellation of flights due to strikes. Without these effects, the figures at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden would have increased by about 5 or approx. 3.7 percent respectively.

Press release 20.01.2017

Events at Dresden Airport in 1st quarter 2017

Upcoming events at a glance

Press release 04.01.2017

Central German airports launch winter season • NEW: flights from Leipzig/Halle to Marrakesh • More flights from Dresden to Mallorca und the Canaries

The winter timetable comes into force at the Central German airports of Leipzig/Halle and Dresden on Sunday 30 October.

Press release 25.10.2016

New non-stop flights from Dresden

From spring/summer 2017, Germania will be flying non-stop from Dresden to Faro (Portugal), Dalaman (Turkey) and Reykjavik/Keflavik (Iceland).

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Travel centre in the terminal

NEW: Co-working in the terminal

Our Conference Centre is home to a flexible co-working office with up to six workspaces!

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