Structure of Flughafen Dresden GmbH

General Manager  

  • Markus Kopp (chairperson)
  • Bettina Ganghofer


Illustration: Shareholders of Flughafen Dresden GmbH


Supervisory Board

Deputy chairpersons

  • Lothar Klein - Councillor, City of Dresden
  • Johann Gierl - Head of department, Saxon State Ministry of Finance


  • Anja Apel - Councillor, City of Dresden
  • Steffen Domschke - Deputy District Administrator, Bautzen
  • Uwe Hauswald - Workers' Representative, Flughafen Dresden GmbH
  • Dieter Köhler - Head of Group Finances and Controlling, Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG
  • Thomas Schubert - Local councillor, Coswig Town Council
  • Roland Werner - State Secretary, Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport