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Our tip for the summer holidays: exciting tours of Dresden Airport

How high is the tower? What is the furthest you can fly from Dresden? How many planes take off and land every day? On our exciting airport tours we answer every child's questions about flying. During Saxony's school summer holidays, we will be running tours daily from Monday to Friday from 23 July to 31 August. There will be a Maxi tour leaving at 09:00 (children up to age 14: €6, adults: €9) and a shorter Mini tour leaving at 11:00 (children with a holiday pass: €2, without a holiday pass: €4, adults: €6). Booking is essential: places can be booked by phoning +49 351 881 3300 (or 881 3360 on weekends).

The meeting point for Mini tours (60 min) and Maxi tours (90 min) is the airport information desk on the Arrivals level in the terminal. After a tour of the modern terminal building and a security check, you will be taken out onto the tarmac in the apron bus to watch aircraft being processed on the ground. You will also have an opportunity to take pictures and videos of planes taking off and landing. On the Maxi tour you will also stop off at the airport fire station to explore and admire our state-of-the-art fire-fighting vehicles, like the Panther 8x8.


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