Flughafen Dresden GmbH

Illustration: Airport flags outside the Dresden Airport Terminal

Flughafen Dresden GmbH (trademark: Dresden International) is a subsidiary of Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding. Our catchment area includes Saxony, Southern Brandenburg, Northern Bohemia in the Czech Republic and Lower Silesia in Poland. It also covers two of Eastern Germany’s biggest conurbations, Dresden and Chemnitz-Zwickau.

The addition of the word “International” boosts the worldwide tourism marketing activities of the state of Saxony and its capital city Dresden. It also highlights the ease with which passengers can access the world’s major airport hubs from Dresden, either non-stop or on one of the many feeder flights from here.

Destinations and timetable

Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding

Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding develops and operates a highly efficient aviation infrastructure for central Germany. It is the driving force behind the region’s growth, bringing long-term sustainable gains.

Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding

Preventing acts of corruption is a high priority for the holding company and its associated companies. To prevent such occurrences and to protect our shareholders and employees from contraventions of regulatory and criminal law provisions during the course of their official duties, appropriate precautions have been taken within the group.

Preventing corruption/compliance

Illustration: Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding

Structure, facts, staff

Here you will find information on the structure of Flughafen Dresden GmbH, our traffic statistics for the past few years, the Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding central jobs and careers portal, the results of our service and image survey, our donations and sponsoring activities and the history of the airport.

Structure, facts, staff

Illustration: Flughafen Dresden GmbH

Engine for Dresden and the region

With the introduction of the Dresden International trademark in 2008, Flughafen Dresden GmbH has provided extra impetus for the worldwide tourism marketing activities of the state of Saxony and its capital city Dresden. The airport is the hub and the most important part of the traffic infrastructure in the Dresden region.

Dresden and the region 

Illustration: The world-famous skyline of Dresden’s historic city centre (photo: www.dresden.de)

Dresden’s famous city centre skyline

Noise and environmental protection

The environmental mission statement of Flughafen Dresden GmbH is as follows: “As airport operators we are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment and we make every effort to meet all relevant environmental requirements. We use natural resources as sparingly as possible.”

Noise and environmental protection

Illustration: Biomonitoring project with bees

Biomonitoring project with bees


Dresden International Airport invests constantly in training and resourcing its fire brigade, which can get to any point on the airport grounds within two minutes. Our Winter Service is on standby 24/7 every winter between November and March.


Illustration: Panther 8x8 fire engine

Airport fire brigade’s Panther 8x8

Press, publications

Here you will find the latest Flughafen Dresden GmbH and Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding press releases, opportunities to register for newsletters and networks and a media archive with photographs, videos, press articles and our publications (including our neighbourhood newspaper Rundflug and information leaflets).

Press, publications

Illustration: Rundflug - Dresden Airport’s neighbourhood newspaper

Rundflug neighbourhood newspaper